Minto x Market Making Pro (Guide)

Find how to purchase BTCMT for $1,72


  • Market Making Pro offers a B2B Platform for Market Making in the Cryptocurrency Market. A market maker (MM) is a market participant who creates token liquidity by placing transactions and controlling the price of an asset on the market.

Here are the main points you probably want to know.

  1. Timings:
    📆 Subscription starts: December 5, 16:00 UTC (start locking your MMPRO)
    📆Subscription finishes: December 11, 16:00 UTC (finish of locking period)
    📆 Purchase: December 11, 16:01 UTC till December 12, 16:00 UTC (pay for BTCMT)
    📆 Claim your BTCMT: from December 12, 16:01 UTC
  2. The price for BTCMT is $1,72 for the launchpad by Market Making Pro. The regular price for BTCMT is $2,00 on the website of Minto.
  3. The total allocation of BTCMT at $1,72 for the launchpad by Market Making Pro is 150000 BTCMT.
    Note: It’s split into 2 pools: a limited pool of 50000 BTCMT in which everyone will get an evenly spread guaranteed allocation (because no more than 50000 MMPRO can be locked) and an unlimited pool of 90000 BTCMT in which those who locked the most tokens, will get a bigger share of the allocation.
  4. The allocation you’ll get depends on the amount of MMPRO tokens you lock and the time you lock it for. The amount of BTCMT available to purchase for you will be decided by a smart contract at the finish of the locking period depending on all the factors.
    * !!!ESTIMATED!!! allocation for 1000 locked MMPRO is 15–30 BTCMT [upd: December 6, 21:00 GMT+3]

How to take a part?

  1. Lock MMPRO
  2. Wait till December 11, 16:00 UTC to get a BTCMT allocation
  3. Pay for BTCMT till December 12, 16:00 UTC to get BTCMT on December 12, 16:01 UTC
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Feel free to ask anything in the official chat of Market Making Pro and in the official chat of Minto.



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