📢Monthly report

3 min readNov 30, 2021


Dear friends! We’ve prepared a monthly report mentioning the main news and updates briefly.

💎We’ve sold 1000000 BTCMT

In early November, we reported on the results of the presale — 1000000 BTCMT were sold! Now this number has certainly increased, and we are happy to have such a vigorous community supporting the idea of affordable and green mining.

🔷You can buy BTCMT at a regular price on our website:


💎We launched staking

Staking BTCMT has been available for a month now.

The number of participants is growing, which means the reward for every 100 BTCMT is reduced. Still, the yield is high, so is the monthly income and the rate of return, which no doubt pleases stakers.

In the early days, 10,24% of the issued BTCMT tokens were staked, so the rewards were incredibly delightful. A multiplier value reached x9,76! Considering the mining difficulty at that time and the Bitcoin rate of $62611, the daily reward for 100 BTCMT was $3,11 or 0,0000497 BTC!

💎Minto at World Digital Mining Summit

📆On November 9 and 10 we attended the World Digital Mining Summit in Dubai!

World Digital Mining Summit 2021 was organized by Bitmain, the world’s leading producer of cryptocurrency. WDMS 2021 aims to build an international platform integrating data center development, renewable energy providers, top executives partnerships, the latest mining technologies, and more.

At the conference, we talked about how traditional mining becomes the past and highlighted the new approaches coming in the future.

💎Mining High Party

We held a luxury party with TOPs and VIPs of the industry in the night’s ambiance in Dubai with splendid views. It was eventful and exciting.

💎How to get statistics on staking?

Every day we post statistics on staking on our social networks: the percentage of staked tokens, the size of the multiplier, the current price of BTC and BTCMT, rewards for every 100 staked BTCMT, annual yield.

🚀The statistics are also available on our website: https://minto.finance/stats

Here you can see the total number of staked tokens, the total emission, the number of HBTC mined during the entire staking period, the size of the multiplier.

Statistics on daily rewards in HBTC are displayed separately.

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