📢News of the week

Let’s sum up and briefly recall the most important news of the week.

🔶How Minto establish “green economy”

🌿Power for the mining equipment is supplied via a private hydro-electric power plant, approved by WWF🌿

Our data center is located in the north of the Russian Federation, providing ideal conditions for mining and reducing costs, making mining available for regular users.

🌳We don’t emit CO2 into the atmosphere like many other mining centers do, and we care about the environment’s well-being.

The green economy model is important for the mining industry, and an article on Coincodex proves it: https://coincodex.com/article/11738/is-bitcoin-mining-a-threat-to-the-environment/


The BTCMT is the heart of Minto. It is a token that gives the right to own an equivalent amount of mining power, and besides, users can profit from staking, selling, or buying it.

The maximum possible total emission is 5 000 000 BTCMT. We distribute them as follows:

🏅Mining — 90%

🥈Launch Pad — 5%

🥉Team — 5%

The initial price for the BTCMT token is $1,72. The single token hashrate is 0,01 TH/s.

Sign up for a presale whitelist and receive BTCMT: https://btcmt.typeform.com/to/TvDKWGwN

🔶Minto main information

Minto is a project that made mining available for regular users. To make money with Minto, you should buy BTCMT tokens and receive an equivalent amount of mining power.

Possible ways to earn using BTCMT:

💎Mining (staking)


Check out our official website and learn more about the project, Whitepaper, and the audit report by Hacken.io:


Links to our social media:

Telegram-chat: https://t.me/btcmtofficialchat

Twitter: https://twitter.com/btcmtofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/btcmtofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/btcmtofficial/

Medium: https://medium.com/@btcmtofficial


We did a lot of work in 2021:

🔺we carried out preparatory work on the project

🔺tested the concept, placed 50 PHs/s in the pool of partners

🔺launched smart contracts and dApps

🔺issued 5,000,000 tokens

🔺carried out an audit of smart contracts

We plan to:

🔺buy land and buy a new mining center

🔺connect additional 250 PH/s in our partners’ pool

🔶Presale is coming next week

The BTCMT token presale is starting next week!

🔷Apply for participation on the link: https://btcmt.typeform.com/to/TvDKWGwN

🔷This is the version for China: https://btcmt.typeform.com/to/m2E3RYwP

Presale information:

🚀Special price 1 BTCMT — $1,5 instead of $1,722

🚀Only 1 000 000 BTCMT take part in the presale

🚀You will receive bonuses for choosing lock period

🚀During the lock period, you can mine, but you can`t transfer tokens

🚀Presale will be held in USDT. You need HECO USDT and HT to pay gas. Buy them here: https://www.huobi.com/ru-ru/exchange/ht_usdt/ and then add them to your MetaMask wallet.

Follow Minto on social media and keep abreast of the latest news on the project!

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