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🍀Ask a question to the main person of our time

Imagine if you meet Satoshi Nakamoto — yes, we know that it can be one person or even a team. Still, imagine yourself in front of him (or them).

What would you ask? And what do you think his answer would be? Feel free to write your ideas under this post, it’s going to be fun to read.

🍀Why Karelia?

Our data center and a private hydro-electric power plant are located in the north of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Karelia. The area has a temperate climate.

🌳The republic has about 60000 lakes and 27000 rivers.

Legally, Karelia is a republic within the Russian Federation with a republican form of government and its own constitution. The powers of the Russian Federation authorities and the Republic of Karelia are delineated. So the republic is quite independent.

The cost of electricity is low in the republic which is crucial for mining too.

🍀Etherium, Polygon, HECO — which blockchain is better?

The Minto platform runs on the Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) blockchain. We would like to explain why we chose this blockchain and compare it with other market giants.


A fast transaction takes 30 seconds, costs 167 Gwei, a middle (3 minutes) — 164 Gwei, a slow transaction (over 3 minutes) — 163 Gwei.


A fast transaction takes 5–10 seconds, costs 50 Gwei, a middle (10–30 seconds) costs 50 Gwei, a slow transaction (30–60 seconds) costs 5,5 Gwei.


Now get ready to be astonished by the low transaction fees on this blockchain! Fast, middle, and slow transactions fee amounts to 3 Gwei.

🍀What can you buy for staking rewards?

Staking rewards for 100 BTCMT depend on the difficulty of mining and the number of coins staked. Right now they are near $1,5 since the start of staking. And imagine what you can buy for them.

Little things you can buy every day:

  • a song on iTunes
  • a small coffee
  • e-book on Amazon
  • luxury oyster

Either you may not waste money for everyday pleasures but collect $450 during November. That’s a different story.

We recommend that you reinvest this money in new BTCMT tokens and stake them. Think globally: ВТС rate will grow, and your rewards too.

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